Launch Site

The Grand Finale - Time to launch and test our site.

  1. Launch the API Gateway Invoke Url (with /test) appended with /embed-sample in a private browser.
    Login as DemoUser (TestPass-1) and choose new password.
  1. Try sharing few dashboards with EmbedDemoReaders group (from QuickSight console) and try refreshing the embedded page.
    The embed URL generated initially is authorized to access both dashboards. Hence, we are able to change dashboards without having to generate another embed url.
    Try clicking the Embedded session view and accessing dashboards from therein.
  1. Optional - From QuickSight management console, upgrade the user to be an Author. Log out and Sign back in to the embedded application after few minutes and you will now see the full authoring options in the embedded session view.
  1. Explore other options like swapping sheets, passing parameters, listening to events etc at
    and try enhancing the sample you set up in this workshop.