Initial Setup

You will need author access to a QuickSight Enterprise Account for this workshop.

If you don’t have a QuickSight account already, steps to create one are given below.

Setup QuickSight

  1. Launch AWS Console ( in a new browser tab, search for QuickSight and launch it.
  2. On QuickSight page, click Sign up for QuickSight button.
  3. Keep the default Enterprise edition, scroll down and click Continue button.
  4. Enter QuickSight account name & Notification email address. Be sure to choose a name that is relevant and applicable to your entire user pool. Enter your official email as the notification email.
  5. Scroll down and click Finish button. (It can take 15-30 Secs to set up the account)
  6. Click Go to Amazon QuickSight button. You will now be taken to QuickSight console.