Author Workshop

Welcome to the QuickSight Authoring Workshop! As part of this course, we will walk you through how to get started with learning the basics of connecting to data, building visuals, creating calculations, designing interactivity, leveraging ML, and sharing dashboards.

The exercises are broken into modules and vary from 100-300 level. If you are a beginner please start from the first module, and if you are an intermediate or advanced user you can complete just the first section and then jump to some of the more advanced modules (since we use the dashboard created in the first module as the starting point for other modules).

For all of the hands-on exercises, we will use the dataset SaaS-Sales.csv file provided here : Download SaaS-Sales.csv

This data set represents sales data from a fictitious SaaS (Software as a Service) company that sells sales and marketing software to other businesses (B2B). Each row of data is one transaction/order.

When AWS personnel is facilitating this workshop, we recommend that you have customers follow along in their own accounts (as opposed to providing event engine accounts.) This way, customers will have the content in their accounts for future reference and we find that this helps them get a head start when working on their actual projects in QuickSight.
In case you are running an immersion day with Admin and Embedding workshops as well, above recommendation still applies to Author workshop part. Use event engine accounts only for running the Admin and Embedding workshops.

Modules ~Time needed (mins)
Initial setup <10
Build your first dashboard 50
Enhance your dashboard 75
Add Interactivity 75
Datasets 50
Calculations 50
Data security 45
Machine learning 45