Admin Workshop

Welcome to the QuickSight Admin Workshop.

In this workshop, we will get you familiarized with running QuickSight CLI commands to do various admin tasks. Once you have a good understanding of these APIs, you will be able to use them via programming languages like Java, Python etc and automate your admin tasks.

The content is organized into various sections like Custom permissions, Multitenancy, Content porting etc. The initial setup needed for all these modules is covered in Prerequisites & Initial setup section. Once you finish those steps, you can jump directly to your module of choice. (We recommend that you get your feet wet with Getting started if this is the first time you are using aws CLI. If any module has dependency on another, other than initial setup, it will be called out at the top of the module.)

We will use Cloud9 to execute the commands.
You can type in the commands into the bash terminal (best way to learn), copy the commands from workshop to execute in bash terminal or just run the commands directly from the pre-built commands folder.

You will need admin rights to your AWS account to run this workshop.
For AWS personnel planning to run this using event engine account, the Standard event with IAM blueprint can be used to run this workshop.

Modules ~Time needed (mins)
Initial setup 15
Getting started 10
Account customization 20
Users & groups 30
Multitenancy 50
Custom permissions 30
Content porting 60
Machine learning 45